Harrogate Dog Training

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Welcome to Harrogate Dog Training where I believe positive training gives positive results - for your pet, for you and for your relationship together.

Training your puppy or dog is so much more than just asking him to do something; it is about communication, fun, bonding, mental stimulation, rewards for desired behaviours and through all of this, a loving and respectful relationship where you and your dog get to understand each other clearly. From Early Days to Remedial Training - Harrogate Dog Training can offer bespoke training to help and guide you in getting the best from your puppy or dog.

As a member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructor scheme you can be confident that I aim for the highest standards and to keep up to date with modern dog training methods as I work towards accreditation. My own training includes KCAI accredited trainer courses run by IABTC: Understanding our dogs physical, emotional and psychological needs and motivations is the foundation for kind, effective and fun training.

I can offer Training & Behaviour for all your needs including:

  •  new puppy search - how to look for a responsible breeder and what to look for and what to avoid
  • puppy homecoming consultation - be prepared
  • puppy foundation training - individual training plan to suit you and your family's lifestyle
  • bespoke training for you and your dog's specific needs - from Recall to Reactivity
  • dedicated service for you and your rescue dog - from preparing to bring home to assessment of training needs once home
    Please call me in the first instance for a no obligation chat about your training needs. My name is Chrissy Beadle and you can   call me on 07944 996151

Alternatively, you can email me harrogatedogtraining@gmail.com   I look forward to hearing from you!


New Puppy? I offer a settling in plan to help you tick all the boxes for new puppy's needs - from practical advice to understanding "Why do they do that?" and how to best provide for their early stages learning & development. Learn about critical development stages and prevent unwanted behaviours becoming habits. I also offer home visits to get you started on Basic Puppy Training and Life Skills - the sooner your new puppy's education starts the better! Puppies learn very quickly about their environment so it is good to have a plan from Day 1 - as  the saying goes: prevention is better than cure!


1-2-1 Training: Training for the real world: It may be that your dog has not yet completed his education in the Big Outdoors or perhaps you need some help to set some guidelines in your home. A bespoke training plan will help you understand what you can do to manage your dog's behaviour: "It doesn't have to be like that"  You may just need 1 session depending on what is needed otherwise I will recommend a course of 3 sessions to start you off to make a difference - a session-by-session training plan,  unlimited telephone and email support and initial assessment included. 


Behavioural Advice: An initial assessment of what is bothering your dog (or you), then we can work on a plan to start making some changes. If your dog has complex behavioural needs which I cannot facilitate for any reason then I will refer on to a behaviourist with suitably equipped premises for the work needed with your dog. Please note with more serious behavioural issues such as aggression - medical problems should be ruled out first with your vet. "Working together to find a solution"